Are you more like Bella or Gigi Hadid? Take this quiz to find out

Ideally I’d be both

Some people have really won the genetic lottery, and those two people are Gigi and Bella Hadid. Aside from being literal goddesses, they actually appear to have decent interesting personalities to go along with their good looks, which just makes me want to be both of them even more.

However your personality and lifestyle can only match one the sisters. Gigi is the responsible, confident older sister. She’s a bit more wholesome, who prefers a night in baking to dinner and cocktails. Whereas Bella is all about her mates, having a good time and raising political awareness. And so whilst you might be a mix of these two personalities, there’s definitely one side of you that relates more strongly to a sister.

If you’re single, have no idea what you’re doing next year and love Fenty, then you’re Bella. Whereas if Ralph Lauren is your go to, you’re in a relationship and have a five year plan, you’re more like Gigi.

To find out if you’re more like Gigi or Bella Hadid take our quiz to find out:

Featured image credits via Instagram @gigihadid, @bellahadid

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