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All the real life events The Crown could feature in season five

Including Princess Diana’s death and the Windsor Castle fire

If you’ve spent your weekend finishing The Crown season four, you’ll be disappointed to know the next series is still potentially a long way off. However season five will bring a whole new cast and possibly some of the best storylines yet.

The last episode of season four finishes in the late 1980s which means we have the infamous 90s to look forward to. Sadly this means The Crown will likely cover the death of Princess Diana in season five.

And it’s just not her death that will cause some tense storylines. The early 1990s were famously bad for the Queen, she even called 1992 her “annus horribilis” which means horrible year.

Whilst none of the storylines have been confirmed these are just some of the most important moments from the 1990s The Crown season five might include:

Princess Anne divorces her husband

One of the moments that contributed to the Queen’s “annus horribilis”  was Princess Anne’s divorce from her husband Mark Phillips.

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We get a small insight this season that not all is well in Princess Anne’s marriage, but it could all come to a head in the next season. Anne remarried in 1992 to Royal Navy Officer Timothy Laurence.

Prince Andrew announces his separation from Fergie

1992 was not a good year for royal marriages. Prince Andrew and Fergie announced their separation in March of that year.

And it got even worse when pictures were published in the tabloids of Fergie sunbathing topless with a Texan millionaire sucking her toes.

The publishing of Princess Diana’s biography

By the early 1990s it was pretty clear Diana and Charles’ marriage was not going well and both of them had begun affairs with other people.

Charles restarted things up with Camilla again, and Diana reportedly began seeing Major James Hewitt.

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The affairs were exposed in 1992 when Andrew Morton published his biography of Diana. Both Morton and Diana involved her having any involvement in the book. However Diana did acknowledge she had told family and friends to speak to Morton.

The book also detailed Diana’s “suicidal unhappiness” and naturally got the papers in a storm.

Windsor Castle on fire

If 1992 wasn’t bad enough for the Queen, Windsor Castle caught on fire that year as well. The fire burned for 12 hours and started in the Queen’s private chapel.

Approximately one fifth of the castle was destroyed in the fire, with nine state rooms being completely destroyed and 100 more severely damaged.

The Panorama interview

Princess Diana’s infamous Panorama interview which took place in 1995, is now back in the news after Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, called for an inquiry into how Martin Bashir got Diana to agree to do the interview.

The interview was when Diana famously said: “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” She also revealed her own affair with James Hewitt and spoke about her mental health issues.

After the interview Diana’s relationship with the Royal Family was ruined forever and the Queen advised that Diana and Charles should get a divorce.

Princess Diana’s death

One of the biggest storylines of season five is undoubtedly going to be the death of Princess Diana and the public reaction to her death.

The Crown would likely cover the flag not going up at Buckingham Palace until days after her death and the Queen’s wishes for Diana to have a private funeral.

Big changes in Downing Street

Outside of the Royal Family, it’s likely The Crown will cover the changes in Prime Minister in the 1990s in the next series.

Margaret Thatcher announced her resignation in 1990, after being PM for 11 years and six days later was replaced by John Major.

John Major remained Prime Minister for seven years until he resigned and then Tony Blair won the election.

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