Official sources have stated that these 30 memes are false and misleading

Thoughts go out to the guy who shidded his pants

If you’re on Twitter then you’ll know that Donald Trump has relentlessly been tweeting shit like “I won” and “STOP THE COUNT” and as a result, he’s created the perfect foundation for a good meme.

Yesterday he tweeted and said “I won the Election” but we all know he didn’t. Twitter even added a line at the bottom stating that multiple sources called the election result differently. From this one Tweet – a star was born.

Official sources beg to differ, hun


Why do One Directioners successfully ruin every meme?

Hot men and papayas? Link me x

If you know, you know

If only

No one:

My 55-year-old mum who works from home:


Hey, pretty!

This one sent me

I can hear this font

Shidded and farded

I’m just as confused as you


I mean, go off I guess

That one has got to sting a bit

Sims 4 is elite, we all know it

Simps everywhere have been caught out

Absolutely not!

Uni is just fine, thanks

Please stop

Knives for sho-

You are deluded, they don’t exist

It was a vibe when she sung Uptown Funk

I! Don’t! Feel! Lonely!

Sassy, classy and a big assy 😉

How is Twitter free?


This is so Gen Z it hurts

Don’t even know what it is

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