Psychology lecturer struck off for hypnotising a student and trying to seduce her

One student sent him a ‘full body’ photo he said he needed for ‘healing’

A psychology lecturer has been struck off for hypnotising a female student and trying to make her believe they were lovers in a past life.

Dr Waseem Alladin hypnotised three students who were part of an “Apprentice Club” study group, at a uni that cannot be named.

The tribunal found that Alladin’s behaviour was sexually motivated and had “predatory elements”, after all three students told the tribunal of weird encounters with him, reports The Telegraph.

Alladin persuaded “student one” to do hypnosis instead of taking antidepressants. While she was hypnotised, Alladin took pictures of her and said she had “serpent power” which made her irresistible.

He told her they were soulmates and lovers in a past life and that he had waited 600 years to be reunited with her.

The tribunal also heard that Alladin attempted to put his tongue in her ear and kiss her on the toes, and that he had a picture of her hanging in his office.

A second student, “student two”, sent Alladin a “full body” picture, which he said he needed for “healing”, after a meeting with him in which she believed he was trying to hypnotise her.

Alladin also hypnotised a third student, “student three”, by massaging her head and staring into her eyes. He asked her how she would act if he attempted to kidnap her.

One of the students eventually complained to the uni after Alladin tried to make students one and two suspicious of each other.

At the tribunal, Alladin denied he was seeking sexual gratification, and that he had tried to suck a student’s toes. “That is revolting and disgusting. It’s not my behaviour,” he said.

The Health and Care Professions Tribunal disagreed, saying his behaviour was “undertaken with sexual gratification in mind” but not coercive, adding it had “predatory elements” as it exploited the health problems of the students.

It also found Alladin had manipulated vulnerable students and drawn on an “unequal balance of power”. He was struck off from the medical register.

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