Made in Chelsea’s Maeva says she is ‘really struggling’ with a secret eating disorder

‘I am in this situation and I am really struggling right now’

Made in Chelsea star Maeva D’Ascanio has revealed she is currently struggling with an eating disorder she has kept a secret.

In an interview, she has said she has struggled with her relationship with food for years, but is particularly finding it hard right now. She told the Mail Online that her body “yo-yos” and she goes between gaining and losing weight. She added that she has become determined to live a balanced and healthier life.

The Made in Chelsea star said: “It has been an issue with me for years. I am in this situation and I am really struggling right now. It’s because of so many different factors. I am really, really close to my mum, she is absolutely amazing but I always watched her eating and she had this thing where she didn’t eat at all during the day but at night she would eat a lot and it has been like that for years. I got a bit disturbed in my head because I didn’t know what to do.”

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Maeva grew up in Paris, and says her parents who are Spanish and Italian have highly influenced her eating. She describes how their “lust” for food often caused her to overindulge and not know her limits.

She added: “My parents are Spanish and Italian and for them their daughter being on a diet and being healthy, they didn’t get it. They wanted their daughter to take care of herself but to enjoy life. They eat big meals and pasta, they love it – I have food in me, it’s something I really love.

“But I need balance in my life. I need control and to know my limits. It’s just my personality. I know I have this type of body, I know I’m not fat at all but I put on weight, my weight is a yo-yo, I put on weight, I lose weight, I put on weight, I lose weight, and I’m done with that and I want a balance and to eat healthier.”

It was reported that Maeva D’Ascanio hopes she can open up about her eating disorder on Made in Chelsea, in the future.

If you have been affected by this story or an eating disorder, there are many people you can talk to. See Beat website here for contact details. 

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