Ok, so who is singing in the new John Lewis Christmas advert?

It’s the first time they’ve featured an original song

John Lewis’ iconic Christmas advert arrived today and this year features an original song for the first time ever “A Little Love”, written and performed by Celeste.

The two minute advert launched on National Kindness Day and encourages everyone to “give a little love”. If you haven’t seen the advert yet, it features a number of scenes showing people offering small acts of kindness such as a little girl using her umbrella to get a boy’s football down.

The ad mainly features cartoons and is part of a campaign by John Lewis and Waitrose to raise £4million for the charities FareShare and HomeStart.

Not only is it an incredibly heartwarming advert, but it’s also the first time John Lewis has created an original song for the advert, which was written and performed by Celeste.

And this is everything you need to know about her:

How old is Celeste, the singer of this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert?

26-year-old Celeste was born in California to a Jamaican father and a British mother. She spent most of her childhood in Saltdean, Brighton after her parents split up.

Celeste grew up singing and performing. Sadly Celeste’s father died of lung cancer when she was 16 years old.

What’s Celeste known for?

via Instagram @celeste

Celeste is an incredibly talented singer who has released a number of singles including Stop This Flame and Strange.

She performed at the BRIT awards early this year, where she won the Rising Star award and was named the winner of BBC Music’s Sound of 2020 award.

Her debut album is expected to be released next year.

What has Celeste said about writing and performing the John Lewis Christmas ad song?

John Lewis usually has covers of iconic classic songs in their adverts, however this year they went down a new direction and had their own original song featured in the advert.

Celeste wrote and performed the song. She said she was honoured to be involved and wanted to create something classic but that also felt authentic to her as a performer.

She said: “I felt honoured to be asked to take part. I wanted to create something that felt classic but still true to who I am as a writer and performer.”

Does Celeste have Instagram?

via Instagram @celeste

Celeste is currently on Instagram and her handle is @celeste if you want to follow her, which I would highly recommend doing.

Her Instagram is full cool backstage performing shots, mirror selfies and promotion for the magazines she’s been interviewed in. And there’s a lot, Celeste has appeared in GQ, ES Magazine and Elle amongst others.

If you haven’t seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert featuring Celeste’s song then watch it here:

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