QUIZ: Build a TikTok house and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

Lame TikTok dances are so Durham

TikTok houses seem like cracking fun. Stick a load of young people in a multi-million-pound mansion, have your management spend loads of money for outlandish stunts and fun activities on a daily basis and basically sit back to watch the views come rolling in – could it get any better? From the dramatic mask reveals of The Wave House to utilising Z list Love Islanders like The Icon House, there are a lot of different approaches towards ensuring your TikTok house hits the ground running.

How would you run a TikTok house of your own? Well, here’s eight questions based upon setting up your own TikTok house –  answer them all and we’ll tell you which university you should’ve gone to, it’s that simple:

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