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The 27 funniest memes created from Zara and Sam’s ‘you can, no I can’t’ argument

Me debating whether or not to go to the gym

The Zara cheating on Sam scandal has been going on forever. And the latest development is that the two appear to be getting back together, after Zara was spotted leaving his house this morning.

However before their apparent reconciliation, there were a lot of arguments and tears. After that dramatic talk in the park, people started using the audio on TikToks and making jokes videos. Sam even used it in a quickly deleted video of him eating Nando’s.

But now a few weeks after argument, which was filmed for Made in Chelsea, people are using it on Twitter and the Zara McDermott memes are quality.

The clip that’s being circulated is just a few seconds long and involves Zara screaming “you can” and Sam saying “I can’t”.

People on Twitter are taking the clip and retweeting it with quality captions like “me telling myself to cook rather than get a takeaway”.

And these are the 27 funniest of the Zara McDermott memes:

1. It’s always a firm no

2. Can we fix it?

3. Getting ready to fail

4. My Uber Eats addiction cannot be stopped

5. Can’t think of anything worse

6. Guys, please

7. Wow this is the actual inside of my brain

8. The absolute worst

9. It’s a no from me

10. Why are my friends so boring?

11. Can’t stop, won’t stop

12. Just a quiet night in for me

13. This is impossible

14. 10,000 words? It’s not for me

15. Oh look another ASOS parcel arrived

16. Uni is just a write off at this point

17. C’mon guys we can do this

18. Christmas is the only thing getting me through rn

19. Rejection, rejection, rejection

20. It’s never just one though

21. Cba, they’re too boring

22. My greatest skill in life is downing the King’s Cup

23. Well someone has to get rid of it, and ain’t going to be me

24. So cosy, never leaving

25. Please leave me alone I don’t like houmous

26. They never take no for an answer

27. Please sir, just inject it into my veins

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