A considered ranking of every family on Gogglebox currently

Yes, Pete is at the top

Gogglebox seems to have been a constant on our screens over the past few years, but it’s truly come into its own during lockdown. And while it simply doesn’t show any signs of stopping, new people are added every series that offer that little bit for everyone in the UK – it’s come to the point now that if you don’t have a mate who’s similar to someone on Gogglebox, you don’t have any mates at all.

However, it’s just an unfortunate fact that some of them are more favourable than others. I mean, who’d want to be stuck in a room with Giles and Mary bickering all day? Probably still me, but with this in mind, I’ve adopted a ranking system from “hmmm” tier to “legend” tier to rate the families and participants of Gogglebox, and some of them may well be controversial.

Hmmm tier

Ellie and Izzi Warner

Gogglebox fans left outraged as Ellie and Izzi Warner return to the show after #MeToo backlash

Ellie and Izzi start the list off at “Hmmm tier”. There’s something about their constant ramblings about parenthood, very explicit discussion of toilet topics and eating “cheeky” snacks that certainly must appeal to yummy mummys somewhere, but it’s just not for me.

Amira and Iqra

Gogglebox stars take savage swipe at Olly Murs' Saturday Night Takeaway performance - Daily Star

Next up are Amira and Iqra. They occasionally have some pretty funny stuff to say, but more often than not they seem to just scream about things unnecessarily. Also I am convinced I have bearly heard Iqra speak at all because Amira is wailing so much every episode. Sorry but I haven’t felt that strongly for either of them since they joined the show.

Sue and Steve

Gogglebox: Say hello to Sue and Steve - series 14's latest wine lovers!

The same as above, Sue and Steve haven’t made a huge impact since joining Gogglebox. If I saw anyone else on this list in the supermarket I’d definitely at least think I recognised them. These two? Not a chance.

Mid tier

Abby and Georgia

Gogglebox star gets confused over

These two have just about scraped their way into mid tier, but to give them hmmm tier may be a little too harsh. After all, they’re good fun, but some of the stuff that has come out of their mouths has been gobsmacking and not even in a humorous way. Do people without a basic level of intellect actually exist?

The Malone family

Gogglebox viewers fuming at the Malone family over 'annoying' cake habit - Daily Star

This may be controversial, but I don’t believe The Malones deserve the fanfare that they often get. They have come out with some great lines over the years and I enjoy the back and forth between the two guys, but for GOD’S SAKE eat the cakes that are in front of you!

The running joke has run its course.

The Michaels

Gogglebox 2019: who are the newest families in the cast and has anyone left?

Next up are The Michaels, who sit comfortably in mid tier. The son used to steal the show with some great scenes such as when he found that tenner in the old jacket, but as of recent there hasn’t been a lot going on with them. Come on, give us more!

Dave and Shirley

Gogglebox 2019: Dave and Shirley's fans react to Brexit reference on Twitter | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

Dave and Shirley are quite jokes, but not jokes enough to be placed any higher. That’s it.

The Baggs family

Gogglebox returns to TV screens with Baggs family of Great Dunmow featuring former Birchwood and Herts and Essex sons

It must be pretty hard to assert yourself as a newcomer, but this family have done really well in providing some great commentary – plus we needed some Essex blood on the show. If you haven’t seen the son’s TikTok pages, they’re worth a watch too.

Top tier

The Plummer family

Gogglebox 2020: Meet the Plummer brothers on Instagram!

Starting off the top tier we have the Plummer family. These lads are really funny, and I’m yet to find any of their tendencies particularly annoying which makes them high scorers. We just need a bit more of them now!

Stephen and Daniel

Gogglebox viewers are finally introduced to Stephen's husband

Although they haven’t quite topped out at legend tier, Stephen and Daniel sit comfortably in top tier. They’re a really funny couple, they just miss out slightly because I honestly think the banter was a little better when Chris was sat there next to Stephen, but we can’t have it all.

Best one-liner: “Oh we all like a bad boy don’t we?” “Yeah, not a fucking terrorist though Chris.”

Giles Wood and Mary Killen

Who are Giles and Mary from Gogglebox, how old are they and why do they call each... - Heart

Giles and Mary are the eccentric posh couple that are literally archetypal Wiltshire folk. Their nagging to each other is good fun in small batches, however when they feature extensively, their bickering can become a little tiresome. It really does seem like Mary is wondering what on earth she’s doing sat next to him on occasion.

Marcus and Mica

Channel 4 on Twitter:

Love them. Great banter between the parents, they’re super youthful despite having kids and I just really like them as a couple. They don’t feature enough to be in legend tier but if they did they’d certainly be up there.

Legend tier

Pete and Sophie Sandiford

Gogglebox's Pete and Sophie: Who are they, how old are they and what they do for a living - Liverpool Echo

Starting off the legend tier is none other than Pete and Sophie, and really where else could they be? Their natural wit is enviable, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an appearance of theirs in which they don’t make me laugh at least once. Absolute legends.

A recent stand out moment has to be when Pete split his trousers badly at the back, but was then seen wearing them again on the next episode a week later.

Mary and Marina

Where are Mary and Marina on Gogglebox? - Manchester Evening News

I’m going to say it – these two are my all-time favourite duo in Gogglebox history. There’s something about them that just gets me, as well as the fact that they make my future 80-year-old self jealous that they still have this much energy.

Jenny and Lee

Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee leave fans heartbroken over never-before-seen photo | HELLO!

Jenny and Lee are old friends so they work together really well, and they probably bounce off each other for humour more than any other duo on the show which is very enjoyable. In any given episode you’ve got Jenny crying or Lee screaming, and I’m here for both.

The Siddiquis

Gogglebox 2019: cast slam Brexit Party decision not to contest Conservative seats | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

The Siddiqui family are literally faultless. They have a really good balance between cracking banter and really intelligent, level headed commentary that makes them a joy to watch. I’d protect the Siddiquis with my life.

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