Introducing love-blocking: The dating trend where the government is ruining your life

Boris really said NO LOVIN’ ALLOWED

Stop the press, because there’s a new dating trend and it might just be the most relatable one yet. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, you’ve probably experienced love-blocking. And yes, it’s shit.

It’s the most 2020 dating trend there could possibly be. It means that, since coronavirus became a thing and we had restrictions thrown at us, the government has been ruining our dating lives. Data from online dating app OkCupid has revealed that over half of people surveyed have had to cancel in person dates due to the lockdown restrictions. OkCupid is coining this trend “lock-blocked”, meaning: to have your date plans cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID-19 lockdown measures. But I’m calling it love-blocking, and tbh, I feel it.

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Ok, so what really is love-blocking?

Basically, this is a love-blocked world and we are all simply living it. In short, it means the government is cock-blocking us all with restrictions and distancing measures. It can be extreme love-blocking, where you’re literally forced to give up on romance because you can’t see anyone and can’t quite face another Zoom call, or just downgrading your plans to a FaceTime or lame park date at two metres distance.

Obviously it isn’t the government’s fault really but either way, it’s rubbish and we’re not happy. We spoke to girls who have experienced love-blocking first-hand, and they are pissed.

Lauren, 23, was single during lockdown and her dating life has been set back because of it. She said: “I went on a date with this guy literally days before lockdown 2.0 came into play and we really hit it off, but now I’m stuck in this weird limbo where we can’t date properly. We’re both living at our parents’ houses, so breaking the rules for a shag is completely off the table. It means the next month is looking like walk dates (no thanks!), and small talk on WhatsApp (no thanks again!) and I’m terrified of getting the ick from all the menial chat we’re having. He’s too fit to drop, but the idea of another six month lockdown where you can’t go for dinner or drinks or even mini-breaks is stressing me out.”

love-blocking, loveblocked, dating, trend, new, 2020, government, define, meaning, examples


It’s true, love-blocking is basically a pandemic in itself. OkCupid has found that 45 per cent of people surveyed have changed their plans to meet outdoors for an al-fresco date and 20 per cent have been forced into virtual dating instead of meeting someone. And that’s without mentioning that a third have given up on pursuing someone all together since restrictions came into play.

Harriet, 21, added that lockdown has “killed any chance” she had with someone she was previous planning on meeting up with, saying “now it’s just either let’s break the rules and have sex or nothing”. Whilst Ruby and Beth, both 20, said they haven’t seen their boyfriends in “months”.

Miss rona, pls.

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