Halls security guard gets fired for making racist jokes to students

He also sent a racist video to a student on Facebook

A halls security guard has been fired for making racist jokes to students.

The security guard at iQ’s Salford Student Quarter told a group of brown students: “How do you kill a Muslim chicken? You stick a rucksack on it,” and sent a student a racist video over Facebook Messenger.

iQ says the security guard, who was working as a contractor, has been fired and will not be allowed back on iQ property.

One student in the block told The Tab they had heard him make the joke to students he “assumed were Muslims” while they were sat on benches smoking in the early hours of the morning.

“We were sat on a bench behind about three others, all people of colour, who were already talking to him when we got outside,” they said.

“The conversation seemed almost tense and hostile, hence why we just walked to the other benches. About five to 10 minutes after coming outside, he had gone back into reception and the residents talking to him got our attention saying ‘did you hear that?’ One girl was even shaking she was that upset.

“The victims of the joke said they felt unsafe, that they couldn’t take any action because at the end of the day he is their security. They can’t make him mad – he is basically looking after us!”

The security guard had also sent a student a video over Facebook Messenger of black people dancing under a flag with the star and crescent symbol, accompanied by the caption: “Central London last night before we get locked down again”.

He is also alleged to have posted racist memes in a Facebook group used by students. “He used to be on the iQ students Facebook group with other staff members, but was removed not long after being added after posting casually offensive and racist memes,” the student told The Tab.

As he was security, students felt they couldn’t report at the time because they didn’t think there was anyone else to report to. So, instead, they outed him on social media.

After this, the students say it was sorted out quickly and iQ handled the situation well. A student in the block told The Tab an iQ manager came in the day after it emerged to talk to the students: “She couldn’t have handled it any better, she couldn’t believe it herself! She has asked to retrain all security.”

An iQ spokesperson told The Tab: “We take a zero tolerance approach to racism and anti-social behaviour of any kind. Creating a safe and welcoming home for all residents is our priority.

“The team acted immediately to address the issue as soon as we were made aware and the security guard, who was working for a third party, is no longer employed by them and will not be permitted back on iQ property.”

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