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A TikToker went to school with Harry Styles and this is what was said in his yearbook

Naturally he won ‘Best Dressed’

At the end of the school year you sometimes get a yearbook with awards and messages to your fellow classmates you can’t wait to see the back of. Someone on TikTok showed off their boyfriend’s school yearbook and it just so happened to feature the Harry Styles.

Imagine going to school with Harry Styles? I don’t think I’d be able to get any work done. But obviously plenty of people did and some were lucky enough to be in his year and get in the same yearbook.

@janineandbrettMy boyfriend does not approve this video. ##fyp ##harrystyles♬ original sound – Janine & Brett

Which is how the TikToker JanineandBrett ended up showing off her boyfriend’s yearbook from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School of the year 2010, featuring our lord and saviour Harry Styles.

The video features all the key aspects of Harry from the yearbook and has so far had nearly 700k views. But what exactly does Harry Styles write in his yearbook? And which, if any, awards did he receive?

Well this is everything you need to know about Harry Styles from his yearbook on TikTok:

His mates wrote the sweetest messages about him

JanineandBrett revealed in a later video that in the yearbook the students don’t write their own profiles and instead their friends write messages about them.

One of Harry’s friends said he was like a “brother” to them and didn’t know what they’d do without him. They wrote: “I don’t know where to start…My actual brother. So much love. I don’t know what I’d do without you bruv. Love you man. Sweeney.”

His other friend wrote a few cryptic messages that were clearly in jokes of the friends, and they also said the two had been through some tough moments together. Sweet!

They wrote: “Hey, I think the things we’ve been through together are more than any other two people our age could face. ‘I don’t do walls.’ Hurricanes – nice one! I love you man. Smellis. x”

Harry didn’t get ‘Most likely to win the X Factor’

Lol the jokes on all the students of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. But you know what maybe they actually had some great foresight?

One Direction did come third in The X Factor, so their prediction was right after all.

But he did win ‘Best Dressed’

I’m honestly not surprised at this one. The man has an incredible wardrobe, that I half want to borrow and half want to rip off his body.

However, cast your mind back to 2010 and you’ll remember his first X Factor audition. In the audition Harry wore a grey cardigan, white T-shirt and a thin little green scarf. How at that point did he earn “Best Dressed?” The rest of the school must have had disastrous wardrobes.

There was a cute picture of him in front of a bridge

This is probably in Paris or Italy and he looks cute as a button.

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