We’ve all seen the new M&S Yumnut, but what does ‘yumnut’ actually mean?

I want a yumnut now

If you were on a marketing team responsible for the conception of a brand new Christmas product that sought to mix the delicious yum yum and the classic doughnut, what would you call it? The yumdough? Nah doesn’t sound quite right. The doughyum? Still not great. You know where we’re going with this – you would, of course, relish the opportunity and do exactly what M&S have done by calling their latest and greatest festive treat the “yumnut”.

They just knew it would go big with a name like that, but there have been many tweets that suggest this phrase has long been known by the gay community, but what does it mean? If you’ve landed on this article, it’s likely that your constant searches of “yumnut urban dictionary” and “yumnut meaning” have all been in vain. There is not one CRUMB of information online.

Well, waste your time no more, for I have scoured the land far and wide to tell you exactly what yumnut means, and as it turns out, the result is as uninteresting as you’d think.

What does yumnut mean?

Okay, so we know its intended name is supposed to be a cross between a doughnut and a yum yum, but there’s been an influx of tweets that suggest it means something a little more naughty than the title suggests.

Like, what do the gays know that we don’t? Everyone seems to be attributing this newfound phrase to some hypothetical gay marketing guy that knew EXACTLY what he was doing when calling this product the yumnut, but nobody other than the gays seem to know what it meant before “doughnut mixed with yum yum”.

Well, after a thorough look through the internet high and low, I can reveal that… its first recorded use appears to be with this new M&S product, and it isn’t a word with any hidden meaning at all. There is not one single article nor tweet paraphrasing the original announcement, that suggests anyone has any clue what the word means.

But this wasn’t enough. Asking two of my gay friends, they both admitted that this was not a phrase they had heard before either, and as Tom even put it himself: “I think it’s just because it sounds super porny so people are assuming it was a gay who came up with it.”

That’s right, there is no in-joke that people “in the know” snigger at as we all scratch our heads, as it was literally invented by M&S. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the obvious sexual connotation of “yumnut”, but that is literally all it is – a smutty joke that we can all chuckle at as we predictably shove yumnuts down our gobs in the coming weeks. All the speculation and all the bemusement was for absolutely nothing.

Well done, M&S, I hope you enjoy the money.

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