Four students kicked out of their halls because they broke uni Covid rules

Your mum is not gonna be pleased to see you after this

Four students have been made to move out of their halls because they broke uni Covid rules.

Queen Mary, the London-based Russell Group uni everyone forgets on Zoom pub quizzes, told the freshers to leave within 28 days for various breaches of the uni’s new coronavirus restrictions, The Tab can reveal.

To make the indignity of being evicted even worse, the “Notices to Quit” handed out by the uni also come with a £100 admin fine.

The evictions are some of the harshest punishments to emerge so far, as unis crack down on students ignoring rules.

Exeter sent a “small number” of students home last month for breaking Covid rules, however the punishments were only suspensions. Coventry threatened students with expulsions after a 200-person party which saw students having it large in a halls foyer.

Information obtained by The Tab also reveals that five Leicester students have also been given “temporary suspensions” for breaking the uni’s Covid rules.

Aside from unis meting out action, police have been acting harshly in Nottingham, handing out multiple £10,000 fines to students throwing house parties. One house was fined a total £40,000 after hiding 30 guests from police.

Police have also given fines to 35 Manchester students, and made the university aware of this.

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