This TikTok dating preferences trick helps you scientifically prove your type

Finally a way to show I only go for toxic brown haired boys

We all think we know what our type is – sexy woke young labour guys who are vegan and ride around town on their bicycles, blonde rugby boys who don’t you text back or that guy who says nothing in your seminar, but he’s just got a vibe. Whatever gets you going, we all pretty much know who is and isn’t our type.

But now the genius people on TikTok have got a little trick to help you figure out for certain who your type is, or just the type of person you always end up shagging after a night out. Because unfortunately they’re not always the same.

In a video that now has over 650k views the creator enters all the information about the boys she’s got with, puts them into a database and it tells her that she’s been with 12 white boys with brown hair but only seven of them were nice.

@saggawagga🤭 if u see ur self no u don’t ##fyp ##foryou ##OhCanada♬ original sound – line

If you’re intrigued to see it spelled out in black and white that you have a habit of sleeping with Tories, then this is how to do the Tiktok dating preferences trick:

1. Get a Word document or notes up on your phone or laptop.

2. For each person you’ve slept with/had a crush on/ gone on a date with list all their key characteristics.

3. This could include height, name, age, hair colour, nationality, what sport they play, whether they’re a dickhead or not. You get the picture.

4. If you’ve got two words like “football player”  then lose the gap between them so it becomes “footballplayer”.

5. Remove any other spaces.

6. Copy it all.

7. Head to or Word Cloud (other sites are available) and put in all the text you’ve copied and press enter.

8. Then you’ll have the results of all the people you’ve been with in a handy list ordered by the most common words, which will be the most common characteristics, so basically a scientific result of what your type is to a tee.

Try not to be too disappointed when it reveals you do in fact have a thing for failed DJs. It happens to the best of us.

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