How much of a kitchen dirtbag are you really? Take this quiz to find out

There’s a space reserved in hell for people who leave food in the sink

The one constant of uni life is no matter how many times you clean the kitchen, it will never be 100 per cent clean. And this is all in thanks to your kitchen dirtbag housemates.

Even just one housemate who has no concept of hygiene can ruin a perfectly good kitchen. However if you have more than one, then god help you because your  kitchen is going to have a sink full of food, filthy dishes pilling up, a floor full of unknown crumbs and a fridge with a permanently gone off milk fragrance. This is your life for the whole year, get used to it.

But how much of this filth are you actually responsible for? You may think you’re pretty clean but if you let the bin over flow and never change your sponges then you may actually be the problem and the kitchen dirtbag.

To see how your kitchen habits match up to your housemates and to assess who really is the filthiest, take this kitchen dirtbag quiz to find out if you’re a cleaning angel or a full on dirtbag who has never used a bottle of Fairy Liquid in their whole life:

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