The stories behind these Robert Pattinson photos are as cursed as the images themselves

Christmas sweater Pattinson is evil

You already know from our Robert Pattinson TikTok roundup that this guy can’t help but be strange. Like, really strange. Whether it’s in interviews and press junkets or behind the scenes with other cast members, he can’t help but be so awkward that it’s often hard to watch and uncomfortable for everyone involved. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to RPtaz, for there’s also an abundance of cursed Robert Pattinson photos online.

You’ll have seen Twitter threads full of them, and while there’s some more famous than others (Adidas tracksuit incoming), where are the most popular examples actually from? Well, we’ve rounded up the best and weirdest of the cursed Robert Pattinson photos and we’ve got the backstories you’ve been dying to find.

The classic Adidas tracksuit

Tracksuit Robert Pattinson Standing in the Kitchen | Know Your Meme

If you already read our article on this photo, feel free to skip through, but for those that didn’t – this is arguably the most famous of the cursed Robert Pattinson photos.

The photo dates back to 2017 when Robert was preparing for the role of Connie in a film called Good Time. This is the apartment he lived in whilst shooting for the film, and he wore the costumes before filming to get used to them, including this lovely get up.

Tracksuit Robert Pattinson Standing in the Kitchen | Know Your Meme

Instagram is a place to share beautiful aesthetic photos for other people to appreciate, so obviously director Josh Safdie thought it was a great place to share this snap of Robert. As with most memes, the photo didn’t originally take off, only garnering around 1,700 likes in the three years that it was on Instagram for. The caption read: “Proto-Connie (very early on) from @goodtimemov – opens in NY/LA this Friday with sneaks tomorrow night!”

Then the memes came, and you’ve been in love with this photo ever since.

The Christmas sweater barbecue party

This has got to be the funniest photo you’ve ever seen of Robert Pattinson. I mean really, can it get any better than this? The pose, the barbecue, the facial expression. This entire thing is a work of art, so you may take it pretty hard when you read what I have to say in the next sentence.

It’s fake. That’s right, according to this blog post, the image has been photoshopped so that Rob’s head has replaced the head of some randomer.

The story has a happy ending, however. Somebody took it upon themselves to print the image off with a very shoddy edit of themselves with him and bring it to a premiere, where they got Robert to sign it – as you can see from the frantic above video, he finds it just as funny as the rest of us.

A very rushed signature indeed.

The funnel neck shy boi

It’s hard to believe that this is him, but luckily this time it definitely is! This is a seriously wavy look for Robert, from the long hair down to the rainbow jumper, but it deserves to be just as iconic as previous looks that he’s served.

This is a still from a television drama called The Bad Mother’s Handbook which nobody seems to have watched. He co-starred with Catherine Tait of all people, with the plot centring around a mother raising their teenage daughter. It scores 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb before you go looking to watch it.

In the above trailer, you can make the very same jumper out at around the 30-second mark, and oh god doesn’t it just look absolutely terrible?

The caged Pattinson

As if Josh Safdie hadn’t already given us the ultimate meme of Robert Pattinson being the strangest celebrity around right now with his Adidas tracksuit photo on the set of Good Time, he took this snap and did exactly what he did previously – share it on the internet.

The story is that they were having a really long shoot day and Rob wanted a rest. Seeing the dog cage, his first thought was to use it as a place to lie down. Obviously.

Josh Safdie explained more in an interview: “We were setting up lights and I was like, ‘Where’s Rob?’ I look over and there is a dog cage, a huge dog cage and he is in there sleeping.”

“The dog was pissed,” said Robert.

The blonde bad boy

If you thought it was impossible that one film could produce so many cursed images of Robert Pattinson, you’d be wrong. Here he is looking extra gangster in one of the many outfit photos that the crew of Good Time took.


You’re likely wondering what on earth made Robert pull this face. Well, if you google Robert Pattinson USATF you’ll see from various other paparazzi photos that he was out and about with then-girlfriend FKA Twigs at the time, strolling through Los Angeles.

As you can see from the above tweet, Rob tried a healthy shake and his reaction was… very Pattinson-like. If you’ve ever had one of these before, you’ll relate.

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