The school featured in the ‘You’re at a private school’ TikTok has issued an apology

The video was ‘bad taste’

A private school in Doncaster has had to apologise after a video of its students miming to the “private school” remix of Empire State of Mind went viral on TikTok.

Hill House, the £14,000 a year institution which the students in the TikTok currently attend, issued a statement in which they called the video “bad taste” and said it did not represent the “tone or demographic” of the school.

The clip has come under scrutiny as the students flash off their Burberry clothing, MacBook laptops and Gucci loafers whilst revealing the crest and name of the school several times in the video.

The full lyrics of the TikTok audio are as follows:

This one goes out to all my chaps and chapettes with a fat trust fund
My name’s Tarquin I went to this school
Where you’ll find the girls, they think they’re really cool
Everyone’s rich, everyone’s posh
I reckon you’ll find they all say ‘gosh’
Everyone has MacBook pros, iPhone 11s – what are those?
Everyone asks: ‘Tarquin what kind of school do you go to?’ and I would just say
You’re at a private school
The posh version of education
There’s nothing you can’t flex
You’re at a private school
We live off daddy’s money
There’s nothing we can’t buy
We all vote conservative conservative conservative

This is a popular audio on TikTok for private schoolers making jokes about their wealth and is only the latest recreation of a trend that is believed to have been started by another group of private school turnips called the ‘Riot Boys’.

Hill House School said in a statement that the video was not intended to be offensive but rather a parody: “It has come to our notice that regrettably a small number of our sixth form students have posted a video online which was filmed at our school.

“Albeit we understand the video was intended to be a satire of a currently very popular TikTok challenge, we feel it is in bad taste and in no way reflects the wonderful community of Hill House School, either in tone or demographic.

“We would therefore like to apologise for any offence caused and are assured that the students involved understand its potentially offensive content and have deleted the original post from all social media platforms.”

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