Okay but where did *that* cursed photo of Robert Pattinson in a kitchen come from?

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There’s a cursed photo that you’ve likely seen many times, both on Twitter and TikTok. In the photo, a man wears a brown tracksuit with camouflage trousers. His hair is pushed back and he has a scraggly beard. His lips are pursed as he stares bewilderingly into the camera. He is stood in a horribly dated wooden panelled kitchen, and the whole thing is just… horribly unaesthetic. That man is, of course, none other than Robert Pattinson, and the picture is the Robert Pattinson kitchen meme.

There is a LOT to unpack when it comes to this picture. Why is Robert Pattinson stood in such an ugly wooden kitchen? Why does Robert Pattinson look so strange in this meme? Where can I buy that Adidas tracksuit from? There’s so much to unpack with this photo that there’s no conceivable place to start, so let’s just jump right into how exactly this photo came to exist.

Where is the Robert Pattinson tracksuit meme from?

Okay, so amidst the countless memes including this photo (don’t worry, we’ll get onto them), you’ve probably wondered at least once where it originated from, and here’s the answer. It actually dates back to 2017 when Robert was preparing for the role of Connie in a film called Good Time. This is the apartment he lived in whilst shooting for the film, and he wore the costumes before filming to get used to them, including this lovely get up.

Instagram is a place to share beautiful aesthetic photos for other people to appreciate, so obviously director Josh Safdie thought it was a great place to share this snap of Robert. As with most memes, the photo didn’t originally take off, only garnering around 1,700 likes in the three years that it was on Instagram for. The caption read: “Proto-Connie (very early on) from @goodtimemov – opens in NY/LA this Friday with sneaks tomorrow night!”

Tracksuit Robert Pattinson Standing in the Kitchen | Know Your Meme

Why it was deleted we’ll never know, but it perhaps had something to do with the fact that the photo completely blew up and Josh felt bad about that. Either way, we’re very thankful, because the memes that we’ve been treated to as a result have been next level.

So, in celebration of Robert being quite frankly unsettling in an increasing amount of photos (look at these), here’s the best of the Robert Pattinson kitchen memes:

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