These are the unis who have stopped face-to-face teaching since term began

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As the number of Covid cases on campus pass 26,000, institutions are deciding to put and end to the much-promised face-to-face teaching.

Despite making big promises about the amount of in-person teaching students would get, unis have been confronted with the inevitability of Covid’s spread in halls, as well as pressure from unions. At Warwick, the local UCU branch has threatened strike action unless face-to-face teaching stops.

However, some unis are ploughing on, despite being under the strictest tier three restrictions.

These are the unis who’ve decided to pull the plug.

We’ll be updating this article as more unis stop in-person teaching. Email us at [email protected] to let us know if your uni’s making changes.


York moved the majority of teaching online this week as the city moved into tier two Covid restrictions. Next week will be a “transition week”, the uni’s VC announced in an email to students, before teaching is moved online. Labs and performance spaces will keep face-to-face teaching.

Despite this, a uni spokesperson said: “We remain committed to offering the opportunity for students to continue having regular face-to-face learning in a Covid-secure environment.”

Queen’s University Belfast

QUB took the decision to whip out the now-classic “move the majority of teaching to online delivery” line after the Northern Irish government introduced stricter Covid measures last week.

Certain schools – including History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics – had all teaching moved online, while labs and other “essential” teaching remained face-to-face.

“The University has taken the decision to revert to online delivery of teaching for the rest of semester unless face-to-face is considered essential or unavoidable,” QUB’s principal, Professor Ian Greer, told students in an email.


Manchester Uni has over 1,000 confirmed cases of Covid among its students, and made the decision on Tuesday to move teaching online.

Some in-person teaching and laboratory work will continue, however “all other teaching will move online” the university told students in an email.

Manchester Met

Perhaps the most high profile uni Covid outbreak so far, Manchester Met was the scene of the 1,700 strong student lockdown. It announced it was moving teaching online until at least the end of the month.


When 770 Northumbria students tested positive for Covid last week, it generated shocked headlines. Northumbria staff voted for strike action, citing fears for their health.

Yesterday, the uni announced it would move all but “essential” teaching online. Research continues, and the decision will be reviewed on the 23rd October.


Newcastle announced an end to in-person teaching simultaneously with Northumbria. Newcastle UCU told the BBC it was “the right decision for Newcastle’s universities” but said it could have come sooner.


On Tuesday, Sheffield announced it was suspending face-to-face teaching from tomorrow (Friday 9th) until Sunday 18th October. 474 students tested positive at the university.

In an email to students, the university said: “In response to the increase in Covid-19 cases in the city and within our University community, the number of our students self-isolating and the likelihood of more stringent local measures being implemented shortly, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend face-to-face teaching.”

Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam announced an “increased online provision” this week, saying access to specialist and study facilities for practical activities would be retained.

“Our proactive approach aims to reduce risk for students, staff and our wider community, whilst providing the best possible learning experience given the circumstances. We will keep this position under regular review,” the university said.

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