Drinks all round, Selling Sunset’s Davina is officially leaving The Oppenheim Group

Without selling the $75million house

In a rare bit of good news for 2020, Davina Portaz is officially leaving The Oppenheim Group and didn’t even sell the $75 million home before she left.

And if that wasn’t enough drama, Davina is leaving to join The Oppenheim’s rival agency, Douglas Elliman.

Adnan will not be impressed

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine Davina said she was really excited to be joining the agency and it’s wonderful opportunity for her.

She said: “I’m really excited to be a part of Douglas Elliman and their very sophisticated and global new development division.

“My background is in new development sales and marketing, so this is just a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s just very in tune with my skills.”

You’d think Jason would be a bit pissed off that she’s leaving without selling the $75 million home but apparently he was “sad but absolutely understands”.

Jason told People Magazine he wishes Davina the best and hopes they can still work together in the future.

He said: “Davina has always been a tremendous asset and a valued agent at the Oppenheim Group, and she is also a friend whose career decisions I very much respect and support.

“I will always want the best for Davina, and I hope that we continue to work together in the future.”

Davina hasn’t told her co-stars that she’s leaving The Oppenheim Group, but said she still wants to be part of Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

She said Brett has left the group so she doesn’t see “the issue”. Davina said: “I certainly hope that I’m still part of the cast, Brett is not at the Oppenheim Group anymore either, so I don’t think that that’s going to be an issue at all.”

Netflix still hasn’t confirmed if there will be a season four but we’re all praying for it but not Davina’s return.

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