This is where you recognise the cast of Emily in Paris from

One of them’s in Gossip Girl?!

Emily in Paris is the newest series that’s just dropped onto Netflix. It has been called “offensive”, “embarrassing” and a “French cliche”, with people saying “anyone who’s eaten a croissant” will “hate” it. Honestly though? It may be trash, but it’s so good. Emily in Paris is a super easy watch, and it helps that most of the cast are very easy on the eye.

Obvs Lily Collins is super famous, but the rest of the cast of Emily in Paris are very recognisable too – actors have been in other Netflix series, Chanel adverts and even Gossip Girl.

This is where you recognise all the Emily in Paris cast from:

Lily Collins – Emily

Lily Collins plays Emily, who moves to Paris in Emily in Paris, if you hadn’t gotten that already. Lily’s been in so many things I honestly don’t know where to start.

She’s probably most famous for playing Rosie in Love, Rosie with Sam Claflin. She also played Fantine in BBC’s Les Mis and Snow White in Mirror, Mirror. Lily is also a model, and is Phil Collins’ daughter.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – Sylvie

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu plays Sylvie, Emily’s boss in Paris. Philippine is a French actress who has been cast in mainly French films and TV shows, including series Call My Agent which is available on Netflix, like Emily in Paris.

Ashley Park – Mindy

Ashley Park plays Mindy Chen, a nanny and the first friend Emily makes when she moves to Paris. She’s been in loads of plays and musicals, including playing Gretchen Wieners in the musical version of Mean Girls. Ashley’s been in a few films and TV shows, and was in an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Lucas Bravo – Gabriel

lucas bravo

Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel, the VERY fit chef who lives in the same building as Emily. He’s previously been in a couple of short films and a Chanel advert, but Emily in Paris is Lucas’ first big role. More importantly, Lucas is 6″1 and single, with almost 300k followers on Insta.

Camille Razat – Camille

Camille Razat plays Camille, Emily’s friend she makes in Paris. She’s also Gabriel’s girlfriend (what a fit couple). Camille has been in a couple of French films and is a model, with 117k Insta followers. She’s modelled for brands including Louis Vuitton and Cartier.

Kate Walsh – Madeline

Kate Walsh plays Madeline Wheeler, Emily’s boss in America. She’s meant to have the job in Paris, but then finds out she is pregnant at the start of the series, meaning Emily takes the job and moves to Paris instead.

As well as Emily in Paris, Kate has been cast in a few Netflix series before. She played Hannah Baker’s mum Olivia in 13 Reasons Why, and was The Handler in The Umbrella Academy. She’s been in loads more films and TV series, like Grey’s Anatomy and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

William Abadie – Antoine

emily in paris, cast, netflix

William Abadie plays Antoine Lambert, Emily’s client who owns a perfume company, and is having an affair with Emily’s boss Sylvie. He played Roman in Gossip Girl (the French model Blair’s dad left her mum for). William has also been in episodes of Sex and the City, Ugly Betty and Homeland.

Samuel Arnold – Julien

emily in paris, cast, netflix

Samuel Arnold plays Julien, Emily’s co-worker in Paris. He was in National Theatre’s Anthony and Cleopatra, and has been in a couple of French films and TV shows.

Bruno Gouery – Luc

Bruno Gouery plays Luc, another of Emily’s co-workers in Paris. Like Samuel, Bruno has been in a few of French films and TV series, but it seems like Emily in Paris was his first big role.

Arnaud Viard – Paul

emily in paris, cast, netflix

Arnaud Viard plays Paul Brossard, the owner of Savoir, the company Emily works for in Paris. He’s been in loads of French films and series, including over 200 episodes of the show Que du bonheur.

Roe Hartrampf – Doug

emily in paris, cast, netflix

Roe Hartrampf plays Doug, Emily’s boyfriend back in America. He was in TV series Madam Secretary, and is set to play Prince Charles in Diana, a musical coming to Netflix next year about Princess Diana. The musical will also open on Broadway next May.

Charles Martins – Mathieu

Charles Martins as Mathieu Cadault, businessman who is the heir to his uncle Pierre Cadault’s fashion brand. He was in series Versailles, and according to his iMDB had an uncredited role in Sex and the City.

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