RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Crystal is suing Laurence Fox for ‘homophobic defamation’

In an argument over Twitter, Lawrence Fox called Crystal a ‘paedophile’

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Queen Crystal has sued Laurence Fox after he called her a “paedophile” during a Twitter spat over Sainsbury’s Black History Month celebration.

The argument began because Fox tweeted Sainsbury’s, criticising them for their post which said: “We are proud to celebrate Black History Month together with our Black colleagues, customers and communities and we will not tolerate racism.

“We proudly represent and serve our diverse society and anyone who does not want to shop with an inclusive retailer is welcome to shop elsewhere”.

Fox replied to Sainsbury’s with a controversial stream of tweets: “Dear @sainsburys. I won’t be shopping in your supermarket ever again whilst you promote racial segregation and discrimination. I sincerely hope others join me. RT #BoycottSainsburys”

Fox was immediately hit with backlash and among those calling him out was Crystal, who wrote: “Imagine being this proud of being a racist! So cringe. Total snowflake behaviour.”

After Crystal’s tweet amounted much support and Fox accumulated a great deal of criticism for his views he then replied to Crystal and called her a “paedophile”.

Yesterday, Crystal tweeted to say that she will be filing for legal action against Laurence Fox on grounds of defamation following on from his behaviour. Crystal announced that she would be suing him for his homophobic comments.

Crystal’s statement wrote:

“On Sunday, I criticised Laurence Fox for his views regarding Sainsbury’s celebrating Black History Month and their commitment to making positive steps forwards in racial equity.

“While I am very wary of corporate virtue signalling, the fact remains that we do NOT live in a society that is equal. Incarceration rates, mortality rates during childbirth, and death rates related to COVID being some of the more obvious examples of the ways in which Black people and other ethnic minorities are being treated as lower-class citizens in this country.

“I suggest anyone that truly cares about racial inequality should welcome steps a corporation takes to attempt to address it (while yes, perhaps remaining critical of their motivations, or holding them to account in other areas), rather than calling for a boycott.

“In response to my criticism on Sunday, Mr Fox seriously defamed me, and I have instructed Mark Lewis of Patron Law to sue on my behalf.

“I will not stand for racism when I see it, and I will not stand for homophobic defamation when it is directed at me. An accusation of paedophilia is one of the oldest homophobic tropes, and it was very shocking to have that levelled at me, not just by Mr Fox, but also his many followers who believed him.

“I may have had to endure homophobic bullying as a child, but I will not tolerate it as an adult.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has voiced their support.”

Fox is also being sued by Stonewall Deputy Chair and Charity CEO, Simon Blake, for also calling him a paedophile. Fox has taken down the offending tweet to Simon. On Sunday, he wrote on his Twitter: “If the game nowadays is to throw baseless insults and accusations about, then we should all be free to participate. I have deleted the tweets posted yesterday, in response to being repeatedly, continuously and falsely smeared as a racist.”

A spokesman for Mr Fox’s Reclaim party, said: “We note the stated intention and the judicious wording of the tweet. ‘However, unless and until intent becomes reality, we have no further comment.”

Fox announced his new Reclaim Party on BBC Question Time in January. The aim of the party is to demand “reclamation of our values” and was due to submit to the electoral register last week. Fox also told Talk Radio on Monday he intends to be elected.

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