Only a true Come Dine With Me addict can guess the scores these menus got

Some of these menus really do have all the grace of a reversing dump truck

As a country that decided to run its Covid test and trace scheme on an Excel spreadsheet, we really do have very little to be proud of. One of the only things that can stoke up any national pride these days is watching an estate agent from Guildford decide they’re going to – definitely – win a £1,000 cash prize by serving four dinner guests they’ve never met before a menu that includes chicken supreme.

Seeing someone try to win Come Dine With Me by dreaming up the most unimaginative menu possible? Makes you proud to be British. Witnessing them actually pull it off and score a respectable 27+ points? Leaves you disgusted at the thought of ever living elsewhere.

That is to say, Come Dine With Me has produced some truly terrible menus in its time. And if you’ve made it this far, you’ve obviously been smashing through the show on Netflix. So how well can you guess the scores of nine perhaps-iconic menus?

All menus are taken from the five-person format, so scores are out of a possible 40. Enjoy.

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