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Quiz: If you can identify these hot movie guys, you’re a true thirsty 2000s girl

Well, if ever a title was made for me x

It’s a rite of passage if you grew up in the 2000s to have watched an unhealthy amount of chick flicks and trashy movies. So by default, you should be ace at spotting every guy from every 2000s movie ever – as this quiz will soon prove.

These hotties are etched on our brains forever. You probably had posters of them on your walls, named your Sims after them, reblogged thirsty GIFs of them on Tumblr and had them as your background on your first ever flip up phone. There won’t be a single picture of them you don’t recognise and instantly begin quoting the film to everyone who will hear it. So the following quiz should be really, really easy – all you have to do is identify the guy from the 2000s movie. This might be by guessing their name, or the film they were cast as the eye-candy for.

Tbh, even if you don’t know the answers this is still an absolute treat for the eyes. Enjoy.

If you’re a true thirsty 2000s girl, then identify the hot movie guy in the quiz below:

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