To go home for Christmas, students may have to isolate for the last two weeks of term

Wait, they’re actually going to let us leave??

According to reports students could be told to self-isolate for the last two weeks of term in order to go home at Christmas.

Even if students don’t have coronavirus symptoms, education ministers are considering asking students in high risk areas to quarantine for two weeks in order to stop the spread of coronavirus from their university town to other parts of the country.

In a rare bit of good news the Junior Skills minister Gillian Keegan said she expects students to be able to go home for Christmas and it is something they’re “working on”.

She said: “We would expect students to be able to go home for Christmas of course that is something that absolutely we’ll be working towards.”

Education Secretary Gavin Williams is going to be addressing students and universities today at 12:30pm in the House of Commons.

It is thought in his address he will give a firm answer about returning home for Christmas as well as discussing fees, testing and lockdowns at unis.

His announcement comes after thousands of students are now quarantining in halls following a number of coronavirus outbreaks at universities throughout the UK.

Leeds, Exeter, St Andrews, Manchester Metropolitan, Dundee and Edinburgh Napier are just some of the universities in which students are having to self isolate for two weeks after coronavirus cases have risen.

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