Calling all societies! Here’s how you can get your hands on over 800 condoms for FREE

That is a lot of sex!!!!!!

When contraceptive review site The Lowdown teamed up with Superdrug for World Contraception Day this coming Saturday, they expected to receive a few thousand condoms to give away. 

But what actually happened is a whole lorry full turned up to The Lowdown’s office, containing 200,000 condoms. 200,000!!! 

So now, the good people at The Lowdown want to give away 300 boxes to any UK university societies who want them for FREE!

Each box contains 864 condoms – that’s enough for you to have safe sex twice a day for the next year 😉 

Look at all those boxes!!!!!

All you have to do is go to The Lowdown’s site here and fill in the form. Once they receive your form, someone will be in touch to get your contact details, then a big ol’ box of rubbers will be coming straight to your door which you can give out to all your fellow society members (and your mates too hehe). 

They have 300 boxes to give away, and it’s a first come first serve basis, so apply now!

The Lowdown is the world’s first review platform for contraception. Whatever contraception you’re on, whether that’s the pill or IUD, you can read about other users’ experiences, any side effects they felt and alternatives if the method you’re currently using is just not working out. 

So if you’re the president of a society, the treasurer, or you’ve just signed up as a newbie and want to impress your new mates by turning up to the first social with a box of 864 condoms to give away, fill in the form now before it’s too late. 

To find out more information about The Lowdown, check out their website here, or their Instagram.