Take a look inside Rihanna’s £32m London mansion which is now up for sale

She rented it for £18k a WEEK

Remember when Rihanna posted a Sainsbury’s bag for life on her Instagram story and the whole world basically went into meltdown? And then it turned out she was actually living in London?? Well now you can live in Rihanna’s ACTUAL mansion!

The Times reports the mansion is in St John’s Wood, one of the boujee-est places in London. On Monday it’ll be going on sale, fully furnished, for an eye-watering £32 million. Rihanna has reportedly been renting it for two-and-a-half years, paying £18k per week – I repeat, that’s £18,000 every single WEEK.

Across five stories, it has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a sauna and a lift. There’s also a “staff room”, but as I do not have £32m I have no idea what this means.

Jeremy Gee, managing director of Beauchamp Estates, the mansion’s joint selling agent, said: “There might be some international Rihanna fans with deep pockets who would be keen to own not only the house she lived in but with the furniture she used too. It is the ultimate piece of Rihanna memorabilia”. So gather up 32 million of your closest friends, you can each chip in a quid, and prepare to live like RiRi herself.

Here’s a look inside Rihanna’s incred £32m London mansion:

Before we go in, first just admire it from the outside

via Aston Chase estate agents

Stunning. Sublime. Worthy only of Rihanna herself.

There’s an open-plan living area with more seats than you could possibly count

via Aston Chase estate agents

Exhibit A – the living room, which is at the back of that open-plan pic:

via Aston Chase estate agents

Exhibit B – more seating, because honestly why not:

via Aston Chase estate agents

Exhibit C – the dining room, with a table that has more places than I have friends who I could invite for dinner:

via Aston Chase estate agents

If I could marry this kitchen, I would

via Aston Chase estate agents

The most beautiful island you ever did see. An absolutely ginormous fridge. What I think is a wine fridge, too, on the right. Not a single dirty plate that’s been sitting on the countertop for three weeks since your gross housemate left it there.

Look at this bathroom and then weep

via Aston Chase estate agents

Imagine having this bathroom – just close your eyes and imagine it for a second. You have an actual bath, not just a tiny shower where the head is permanently stuck at five foot high. You can sit on the boujee fur pouff next to said bath. There’s a TV and a fireplace (???). There’s not an ounce of mould in sight.

Apparently the house has six bathrooms, which really is just the dream isn’t it – and from the floor plan, it looks like there’s a sauna coming off of this bathroom.

And there’s even a garden!

via Aston Chase estate agents

Complete with trees everywhere, a load more seats (obvs), and even sun loungers for those five days of UK heatwave a year.

via Aston Chase estate agents

Got a spare £32 mil lying around? Better snap this house up, because it’s peng – and then you’ll get to say you live in the same place as Queen Rih.

Featured image via Aston Chase estate agents and Instagram @badgalriri

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