Scotland is officially banning uni house parties from Monday

Police will be able to break up any parties held in student accommodation

Scotland is officially banning uni house parties as part of its efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Police will be able to break up parties held in uni accommodation when the ban comes into effect on Monday.

New guidance released yesterday by the Scottish government pledges to “extend the house party offence provision that came into force on 28 August to include parties held within student accommodation.”

General house parties are already banned, but the specific inclusion of student parties in the rule is aimed to ensure “that normal domestic activities carried out by students in their own accommodation are not inadvertently breaching the rules.”

The house party ban is in addition to the overall ban on groups of more than six people meeting, which includes gatherings inside houses.

In England, Boris Johnson this week said universities would be asked not to send students home in the event of a coronavirus outbreak on campus.

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