These 15 TikToks about Twilight will force you to relive the memories you want to forget

I just really wanted to be a vampire :'(((

The Twilight films are now on Netflix. For a lot of us, this has inspired tragic flashbacks to childhood memories when we pretended to be vampires and werewolves because that was what was fun back then. Rewatching the Twilight saga begs two big questions. Why? Why did we watch them? And how? How on earth did we enjoy them that much?

Whether it was our obsession with making the hard choice between being Team Edward or Team Jacob, or deciding which monster we’d rather be – a vampire of a wolf,  Twilight was a moment in history we will ever forget. No matter how much we want to.

But let’s leave all that behind for a moment – the shame, the embarrassment, the low-level trauma – and do what we all do in times of trouble, turn to TikTok for mind-numbing entertainment. Here’s a round-up of the best Tik Toks about people, like you and me, reminiscing over the crazy journey that was the Twilight saga. Enjoy.

1. Did we all just live the same childhood?

2. Team Jacob forever

3. You don’t smell, I’m just in love with you

4. Edward 2.0

5. Vampires are overrated anyways

6. Surely this wasn’t safe

7. Shh, it’s a secret

8. She was so extra and we loved her for it

9. The passion in this performance

10. Seriously, why did we do this?


12. We were all just living the same life huh

13. The acting in this film was something else

14. Your blood reeks btw x

15. You could’ve hit him!!

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