Sorry to break it you, but Zac Efron has a new girlfriend and she’s called Vanessa

They apparently met whilst she was waiting tables

I regret to inform you all but it looks like Zac Efron has a new girlfriend and get this, her name is Vanessa. You can’t make this stuff up.

After a number of pictures came out of the two together holding hands it appears Zac is dating Vanessa Valladares, who he met whilst she was waitressing at a cafe in Byron Bay in July.

This new girlfriend is obviously not the first Vanessa Zac has dated as he was previously in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens during their High School Musical days. And is it just me or does this new Vanessa look a bit like the old one?

Either way they look super loved up and it makes sense Zac is now dating an Aussie as he is staying there and looking to buy a house in Byron Bay. It looks pretty serious as they’ve already been on holiday together, and so it’s time to get know Vanessa a bit more.

via Instagram @_is_ness

This is everything you need to know about Zac Efron’s new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares:

She was a waitress

Apparently Vanessa was working at the General Store café in Byron Bay and this is where she met Zac. Can you imagine, just clearing tables and Zac Efron asks you out? This stuff only happens in movies.

via Instagram @_is_ness

Vanessa is said to have quit her job and moved in with Zac. Girl you are living the dream.

Vanessa is also a model

Aside from waitressing, 25-year-old Vanessa works as a model and has been photographed for Australian brands such as Love St, Of The Sun and Spell.

She’s got a very spiritual vibe

via Instagram @_is_ness

On her Instagram she has lots of nature pictures and hippy quotes, which if you’ve seen Zac’s Down to Earth you will know will fit his new vibe to a tee.

Vanessa and Zac have already been on holiday together

Zac and Vanessa are said to have gone skiing together in Thredbo and they were seen departing an airplane together. And Zac was carrying Vanessa’s bags for her. I love him even more.

On her Instagram she revealed she was meant to be going to Africa but had to cancel her trip because of the pandemic. A skiing holiday with Zac surely makes up for missing that trip.

She’s got nearly 10k followers on Instagram

via Instagram @_is_ness

No doubt this has gone up since the rumours of her relationship with Zac came out, but her Insta is definitely worth a follow, it’s full of travel pics, selfies and photos with her friends.

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