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This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Away series from

Isaac was on Disney’s Shake It Up

Netflix’s latest original drama series Away, dropped last Friday and if you spent your weekend binge watching the 10 part series then you probably recognise a few of the Netflix Away cast members.

Away follows the story of Emma Green who leaves her teenage daughter and husband on Earth in order to lead an international team to Mars. The team is made up of an American, a Brit, an Indian, a Chinese woman and a Russian man. The series follows the typical storyline of space films with themes such as missing family and rifts among the crew.

Not only is the plot fairly obvious but so are the cast, and if you spent your weekend racking your brain trying to figure out where you know that person from, well then this is your guide to the cast of Netflix’s Away:

Emma Green – Hilary Swank

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Hilary Swank plays the lead role in Netflix’s Away, Emma Green who is in charge of the mission to Mars. You would probably best recognise her from P.S. I Love You, that slightly cringe romcom from the 2000’s where Gerard Butler dies but leaves plenty of gifts for Hilary Swank. She’s also been in New Year’s Eve and voiced the character of Joey Pogo in BoJack Horseman.

Matt Logan – Josh Charles

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Josh Charles plays Matt, Emma’s husband. Matt has a pretty tough storyline in Away. He was meant to be going to Mars but because of a cerebral disease he is unable to go on the mission and suffers a stroke in the first episode. Josh has had a number of well known roles including Will Gardner on The Good Wife and Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society.

Alexis Logan – Talitha Bateman

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Talitha plays Emma’s teenage daughter who has to deal with her mum being in space, her dad having a stroke all whilst dealing with high school and boys. And you thought your teenage years were hard. Talitha appeared in Annabelle: Creation in 2017 and Love, Simon in 2018. She has also been in Geo Storm and The 5th Wave which are both disaster movies.

Lu – Vivian Wu

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Vivian Wu plays Lu who arguably has one of the only decent storylines in the series which explores a queer love story between two Chinese women, one that is hardly ever seen on screen. Before Away, Vivian had been in a number of TV shows and movies including The Last Emperor and more recently The Best Partner.

Misha – Mark Ivanir

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Mark Ivanir plays the Russian Misha who is the most experienced astronaut on the mission and yet is not chosen as captain. Mark was previously in The New Pope alongside Jude Law, appeared on an episode of American Horror Story, has done numerous voice overs for Call of Duty games and played a cab driver in the Tom Hanks film The Terminal.

Kweshi – Ato Essandoh

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Ato plays Kweshi who is a Jewish British-Ghanaian botanist who has never gone into space before the mission to Mars. Before appearing in Netflix’s Away, Ato was part of the cast of Elementary, the modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes. Ato was also in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, D’Jango Unchained, Girls and a Jason Bourne movie.

Ram – Ray Panthaki

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Ray plays Ram who is the second in command on the mission to Mars and is currently one of Twitter’s favourites on the show. Ray is probably most well known for his role as DCI Rav Sangha in Marcella, but he’s also been in Gangs of London, Colette and Eastenders for two years back in 2003.

Melissa Ramirez – Monique Gabriela Curnen

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Monique plays the role of Melissa in Away and is tasked with looking after Lex whilst her mum is away, she was also meant to be going on the mission but had a daughter born with Downs Syndrome so chose to stay. Monique has played a LOT of detectives during her career including Detective Blanca Rodriguez in the series Power and Detective Ramirez in The Dark Knight. She’s also been in The Unusuals and a Fast and Furious film.

Dr Putney – Michael Patrick Thornton

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Michael is in a number of Away episodes as Emma’s psychologist Dr Putney. He’s previously been in a number of TV series including Madam Secretary, The Red Line and an episode of Elementary.

Darlene Cole – Gabrielle Rose

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Darlene is in charge of NASA and is played by Gabrielle Rose who has been acting since 1975. She has been in loads of TV shows and films including The L Word, If I Stay, Proof, The BFG, Once Upon a Time and A Dog’s Purpose.

Isaac Rodriguez – Adam Irigoyen

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Isaac is Lex’s love interest in Away, played by Adam Irigoyen and whilst you may not immediately recognise him a lot of us watched him on TV as kids. His most notable role was Deuce Martinez on Disney’s Shake It Up alongside Zendaya and Bella Thorne. Adam has also been in The Fosters and The Last Ship.

And special mention to real life astronaut Mike Massimino

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Actual NASA astronaut Mike Massimino was the primary astronaut advisor for Away and got a little cameo in the first episode.

Season one of Away is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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