This £750 studio flat available to rent in London lets you shower next to your sofa

‘Prison is free uno’

Look we all know London rent is ridiculous, overpriced and a near violation of human rights, but a new studio flat up for rent in London will make you incredibly grateful you live in that four bed house in Clapham.

A studio flat, recently listed on Zoopla, has been making the rounds on Twitter for it’s insanely weird layout. Described as a “great studio flat”, the flat features a shower next to the sofa, the bed above the washing machine and not much else tbh.

It’s in Camden and near Mornington Crescent station, got to take those small perks where you can. And if that doesn’t sell it to you this flat could be all yours for £754 a month, plus bills of course.

A lot of the people commenting about it on Twitter are comparing it to a prison, saying they could get a flat three times the size in Cardiff or to calm down as this would cost $2,000 a month in New York.

Others have said it looks like something you make on the early days of Sims and imagine what it would be like to bring people home for afters in the flat. Either way, this shocker of a flat really has to be seen to be believed:

It least it has a washing machine and a lot of natural lighting.

From the shower to the sofa in under two seconds.

All those lovely cooking smells would just waft up to your bed.

Could they not have put the toilet seat down for the pictures??

camden studio £750

Cute balcony tho x

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