QUIZ: Can you guess the One Direction song title from just one of its lyrics?

Of course you can, but now you need to prove it

Only two things in this world are true. One: You spent your entire teenage years listening to One Direction in your bedroom, and two: You still remember every single one of their songs.

You like to pretend you don’t, but their songs feature heavily on your private Spotify playlist (don’t lie to yourself – we all have one). The facade falls away, however, when you’re in the SU club’s cheese room and What Makes You Beautiful comes on. You drop your drink with excitement, your mate runs out of the toilets to find you on the dance floor, and for three minutes and 20 seconds of absolute bliss you sing your heart out. Your inner Directioner has been awakened.

This quiz is easy: We give you one lyric from a One Direction song, you most likely sing the entire thing in your head, and then pick the title of the song that matches it. Simples.

So go on, prove you were a true Directioner and take the quiz:

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