What the iconic TOWIE cast looked like in their first episode, to now

They have changed a LOT

TOWIE first appeared on TV 10 years ago and it was the era of orange fake tan, backcombed hair, thin eyebrows and very heavy eyeliner. Thankfully many of the TOWIE icons have ditched these looks, but now they look very different to when they first appeared on the show. Lucy Meck’s TOWIE transformation is like something from Snog Marry Avoid – a serious makeunder.

The legends of TOWIE – Mark Wright, Lauren Goodger and Joey Essex and co are still on our Instagrams and TVs today so we feel like they’ve kind of stayed the same, but looking back at each of their first episodes the transformations are dramatic to say the least.

This is what the iconic TOWIE cast members looked like in their first episode to how they do now:

Lauren Goodger

via Instagram @laurengoodger

When Lauren started out in the very first episode of TOWIE her whole storyline focused around her on again off again relationship with Mark. Now though she’s an influencer and almost promoted cyanide that one time.

Her original look was typical early 2010s, with heavy eye liner, highlighted hair and shaped eyebrows. Now her hair is dark brown, her eyebrows are thick and she wears a lot less fake tan. Lauren has said she’s had lip fillers and a nose job done but has not admitted to any other plastic surgery.

Mark Wright

via Instagram @wrighty_

Mark Wright was the OG bad boy of reality TV, now though he’s doing pretty well with presenting roles in LA and married to Michelle Keegan. Not a bad life.

Mark’s look hasn’t changed that much since he first started out on TOWIE, apart from using less fake tan and going for a more natural vibe he’s stayed basically the same apart from growing older.

Sam Faiers

via Instagram @samanthafaiers

Sam was super young when she started out on TOWIE and had that dramatic relationship with Joey Essex. Now she’s got two kids and successful businesses.

When she first appeared on the show Sam wore a lot of dark fake tan, had dyed blonde hair with dark roots, thin eyebrows and heavy eye makeup. Now her hair is shorter and a dark brown, her eyebrows are thicker and her tan is more natural. Her lips appear more plumped but Sam has denied she’s had any surgery done.

Joey Essex

via Instagram @joeyessex

Joey was such a baby when he first appeared on the show with his UGG boots and skinny jeans. Now he’s got millions of Instagram followers and is not too bad to look at.

His look hasn’t changed that much since his first episode, he wears less tan now, got a bit more facial hair but aside from that the only changes are age.

Amy Childs

via Instagram @amychilds1990

Amy was a true icon and it’s such a shame she was only in two seasons of TOWIE. She was a legend.

When she first appeared on the show doing vajazzles her hair was dyed red, she had big lips, a LOT of fake tan, fake eyelashes and thin eyebrows. Today though her hair is a light brown/dark blonde colour, her lips are still really big, she’s got way less fake tan and her eyebrows are thicker and shaped more. Amy has previously said she’s had lip fillers, veneers, botox and a boob job.

Gemma Collins

towie transformations gemma

via Instagram @gemmacollins1

The GC, the Queen of memes, the best addition to TOWIE from series two. She started out selling used cars and now look at her! She’s been on every reality show going, had clothing lines and launched a podcast.

When she started out she had long straight blonde hair, thin lips and eyebrows and a lot of fake tan. Now Gemma still has fake tan but her eyebrows are thicker and her lips are a similar size. Gemma has dyed her hair platinum blonde and potentially has extensions in.

Bobby Norris

towie transformations bobby

via Instagram @bobbycnorris

Jeez what a transformation for Bobby. He started out the show looking like Gok Wan with the glasses and sweep over hair and super fake tan. Now though Bobby has got ripped, seriously go look at his Instagram.

He’s still tanned but not as Wotsits vibes and his hair is a lighter brown and less gelled up.

Chloe Sims

towie transformations

via Instagram @chloes_simsstarship

Chloe started TOWIE in the second series and is now one of the longest reigning cast members, so congrats to her.

When she first started on the show she had dark brown hair, long thick eyebrows, fake eyelashes and plumped lips. Now her look is sort of similar but more refined. She still has big lips and wears fake eye lashes. However her eyebrows are more natural and she’s got blondey brown hair. Chloe has had veneers fitted as well.

Mario Falcone

towie transformations mario

via Instagram @mariofalcone

Mario started out on the show as Lucy’s boyfriend and is now engaged with a kid, how times have changed.

And Mario’s look has changed a lot over the years. Mainly through age but when Mario first started on the show he was fresh faced and had short hair. Now he’s got a very impressive beard and has quite long hair.

Ferne McCann

towie transformations ferne

via Instagram @fernemccann

When Fearne first started out in season nine of TOWIE she was Billy and Sam’s loud mouth friend dating Charlie. Now she’s a mum to Sunday and been on loads of reality shows.

Her first look on the show were these very questionable white lips for a white party. Thankfully she’s ditched that lipstick now and her lips appear bigger. She’s admitted to having a nose job and her mole looks like it has been lasered off. She started out on the show with very thin eyebrows but they’re now much thicker and her hair is a blonde/brown colour.

Lucy Meck

towie transformations

via Instagram @lucymeck1

Lucy’s transformation throughout TOWIE is insane. Never forget in season nine when she rocked up to Marbs looking 11/10 in that white swimsuit.

She started out in the show as Mark’s new girlfriend and she had dyed dark red hair, thin lips, a very orange fake tan and thin eyebrows. Now she’s engaged and got a baby with Ryan Thomas. Her look now is much more natural, she’s got short brown hair, her lips appear to be more plumped and her eyebrows are a similar size. She’s thankfully ditched the orange fake tan.

Lydia Bright

towie transformations lydia

via Instagram @lydiabright

Lydia was so young when she first appeared on TOWIE as Arg’s girlfriend. Now she’s got a baby and raising her on her own.

Her look was originally blonde hair often backcombed a ridiculous amount, she had fake tan, thin eyebrows and the longest fake eyelashes ever. Now her hair is still blonde but the backcombing has gone. She’s also ditched the fake tan and eyelashes and her eyebrows are much thicker.

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