Are you more MIC or TOWIE? Take this quiz to find out which show you’d be in

Sugar Hut or Raffles?

We’ve had nearly 10 years of both Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. That’s a lot of parties, cheating and fake tan. It’s introduced us to Spencer Matthews and Mark Wright, who are equally just as bad as each other. And of course the legends that are Lucy Watson and Gemma Collins.

Both shows have very unique aesthetics, Made In Chelsea is literally rose tinted and follows the rich around Chelsea and Fulham (where they actually live). There’s nights at house parties, summers in the South of France and the occasional orgy. Not looking at you Alex Mytton. TOWIE has it’s own vibe of nights at expensive clubs with bottle service, trips to Marbs where no carbs are consumed before and the occasional Megan McKenna screaming match.

But which of these iconic reality shows are you most suited to? You might want to be in Made In Chelsea but if you shop at PrettyLittleThing and holiday in Dubai you’re heading straight to Essex. Through a highly scientific quiz we’ve made you can find out if you’d be in Made In Chelsea having Jamie cheat on you or in TOWIE having Dan cheat on you. What great choices.

Take this quiz to see if you’d be in TOWIE or Made in Chelsea:

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