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What is the Fall Guys game that everyone is playing and how do I get it?

Downloading Steam as we speak

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t had constant clips of a weird cartoon platform game plastered all over your Twitter and YouTube feeds in recent weeks. Whether it’s Pewdiepie playing with Dr Disrespect or the multiple hilarious clips of people getting so-close-yet-so-far to the crown that everyone races for, it’s clear that Fall Guys is the biggest online game about right now.

But why are people calling it the new Fortnite? What is Fall Guys and how do I actually play it? How do I download Fall Guys and is it free? Well, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know into one handy guide – sorry (not sorry), but you’re about to waste many hours of your life on this amazing game.

What is Fall Guys?

Essentially, it’s a load of online mini-games built into one platformer package, where you play against a load of friends and strangers as little creatures.

The objective is to get to the finish line first and the groups get smaller and smaller as more people are eliminated. From large rotating objects to disappearing platforms, there are a frustrating amount of obstacles in your way to ensure that getting to the finish line is as troublesome a task as possible.

If you do get hit off the edge, you instantly get brought back to the start where you have to again make your way to the finish line before others, which is easier said than done when everyone is in a frenzy to barge their way in the same direction.

How do I download Fall Guys?

Currently, the game is only available on PC and PS4, with no current versions for Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. The company recently had to release a statement that the mobile version is a scam, so make sure not to download this.

For PC, download Steam and make an account if you don’t have one already. Through here you’ll be able to download Fall Guys in the Steam Store.

For PS4, go to the Playstation Store and download through there. The game will set you back £15.99, but if the clips of gameplay all over the internet are anything to go by, it’s well worth the investment.

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