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These 15 tragic Fall Guys clips will have you screaming at your computer screen

You can FEEL their pain

Few other games make you want to put your fist straight through whatever device you’re playing it on within a 60 second period of squealing joyfully around the room as Fall Guys does. You can be so close to winning, even touching the crown at the opportune moment just before the other player, only to be completely stamped on with the announcement that they got there first. And let’s not even talk about those spinny things that batter you left right and centre.

Well, as one of the most streamed games right now, luckily you can find solace in the fact that this and so much more is happening to everyone else right now, and it’s being uploaded to the internet in glorious full HD footage for your viewing pleasure. So sit back, relax, and unwind with some quality clips of people getting really lucky, as well as being completely wronged, just as much as you have.

1. You knew it was coming

2. Jammy as f*ck

3. This is catching on


5. More compelling than any blockbuster

6. Like just… how?

7. An all too common occurence

8. You’ve made the same noises

9. The music adds everything

10. Early celebration = fail clip

11. Lmaoooo

12. We all know the feeling

13. Genuinely painful to watch

14. This is the worst round change my mind

15. And finally a compilation of the best clips

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