The sexual tension between you and these 25 sexual tension memes is unmatched

That person adjusting your seatbelt on a rollercoaster

The moment when you go on holiday with your family and there’s someone of your age also checking in is filled with one thing – sexual tension. And this very unique situation weirdly isn’t the only time there’s sexual tension between you and someone you don’t know.

People on Twitter are sharing the best sexual tension memes. This very strict format relies on you and another person in a situation that involves you being incredibly physically close but it’s not meant to be sexual and yet there is just a vibe there. Like the person adjusting your seatbelt on a roller coaster or the other person who is reading lines aloud with you in an English lesson.

This isn’t about sexual tension with a partner or someone you would actually sleep with, it’s usually a total stranger and there are some spot on memes.

These are the 25 funniest sexual tension memes between you and someone totally unexpected:

1. There really is nothing else like it

2. You do instantly start to plan your entire holiday around them

3. Lol true

4. It’s a weird vibe

5. Childhood games were actually very heated

6. Hahahahhaa

7. Why is this such a thing?? It’s so intimate

8. For a few short moments I didn’t trust anyone else in the world as much as them

9. This is only sexy in movies

10. But this is always fit in real life

11. It’s just me and you buddy

12. My Uber driver and I have shared some moments

13. And then there were two

14. I become strangely aware of all my weird habits

15. Why is reverse parking so sexy???

16. They literally always came so close

17. The awkwardness in this moment is unmatched

18. Do I look? Do I pretend I don’t see them? Oh my god don’t wave

19. I’m sorry it’s been so long

20. Titration was tense tbf

21. I feel like I can’t breathe when they’re up against my face

22. The suspense between us whilst reading an 18th century play

23. Great now I have to do the awkward run

24. I swear to god I’m not actually stalking you

25. I can’t

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