Nearly 50,000 of you voted and now we can reveal the worst teen movie boyfriend ever

The winner is well deserving of the title

Sadly most leading men in teen movies are trash. They cheat, lie, take girls out for money, mess them about and very occasionally impregnate them before turning them into a vampire. They are all bad boyfriends there’s no denying that, but some are far worse than others. And nearly 50,000 of you voted to decide who truly is the worst teen movie boyfriend ever.

And with nearly a third of the votes we can reveal Noah Flynn from Netflix’s Kissing Booth is the worst teen movie boyfriend ever. From anger issues, perpetuating rape culture myths and lying it’s no wonder 14,236 of you voted for him as the worst. Well done you picked correctly.

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Following Noah with 28.91 per cent of the vote is Warner Huntington III, the OG fuck boy if you will. 13,871 of you voted Warner as the worst boyfriend and with good reason – he dumps Elle after leading her on, down plays her achievements and then tries to get her back once she “proves her worth”.

Coming in third place is John Tucker with nearly 10,000 votes, hardly surprising considering the movie is all about what a cheat he is. And swiftly following him is Edward Cullen with 10.79 per cent of the vote. Even Robert Pattinson who played Edward hated him, probably because he knew what a creep this guy was.

After that the rest of the boyfriends have fairly low scores, with Freddie Kingsley from Wild Child only receiving 362 votes for being the worst boyfriend. Who would have thought a posh white boy would have been the best boyfriend?

Here is the full vote breakdown for worst teen movie boyfriend ever:

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