These are all the surprising accents you didn’t realise celebs have

Pam from Gavin and Stacey is well posh IRL

It can be quite a life-changing experience when you discover that a celeb’s accent you know and love is actually in fact fake, or not what you expected at all.

Just when you thought that American was truly American, an interview or Oscars acceptance speech throws you completely off guard, revealing their true accent and leaving you shook. When Jodie Comer was interviewed in the early days after the success of Killing Eve, people were amazed to find out that she wasn’t Russian, Scottish or any of the other accents she perfectly manages playing Villanelle, but instead she’s from Liverpool and has a strong Scouse accent.

From Scottish to Scouse, here’s a selection of celebs who you might not realise have a completely different accent:

Jodie Comer – Liverpudlian

As shown through her insane portrayal of Villanelle in Killing Eve, Jodie Comer is SO good at accents that it’s near impossible to know where she’s actually from. But it turns out that she’s a Scouser! I mean, who would’ve guessed?

Katherine Langford – Australian

Via Instagram @katherinelangford

So it turns out the American accent Katherine pulls off in 13 Reasons Why and Knives Out is in fact… fake? (I guess it is called acting).

Jacob Elordi – Australian

So everyone knows Noah as having an American accent in The Kissing Booth, but since when was he actually Australian? Life. Changed.

KJ Apa – New Zealander

Via Instagram @kjapa

Most people will know KJ Apa with his American accent playing Archie in Riverdale, but he’s actually from New Zealand. Listening to him with his Kiwi accent just feels SO weird.

Alfred Enoch – London

Via Instagram @alfieenochofficial

Most people will have seen Alfie being English in Harry Potter, but he has a very convincing American accent in How To Get Away With Murder. If you haven’t seen Harry Potter (who are you??) then you’d think he’s from the States, but he’s actually English.

Alison Steadman – POSH

Better known as the enthusiastic Pam from Gavin and Stacey, Alison’s actually got a dead posh accent. This was a hard one to process, as unless you’ve seen the 1995 Pride and Prejudice (which you might’ve done because of young Colin Firth) then you’ll be more used to hearing her loud Essex accent shouting: “It’s all the drama Mick. I just love it!”

Gregg Sulkin – London

Via Instagram @greggsulkin

It turns out that Gregg Sulkin was really “Faking It” when he starred in the American series of the same name. How deceiving. However, when he played Mason in Wizards of Waverly Place, that British accent was in fact legit. Who knew actors changed accents for different roles? Weird.

Martin Compston – Scottish

Via Instagram @mrmartincompston

Known as Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott in Line of Duty, everyone’s all so used to him having a London accent, but he’s actually from Greenock, in Scotland. That’ll take a bit of getting used to.

Ed Westwick – London

Oh, Ed. Seems that when he got us all excited for what everyone thought was an update about the Gossip Girl reboot (but was in fact just a line of masks with ‘xoxo’ on them) wasn’t the first time he deceived us. The American accent for the character Chuck Bass? Fake. Oh well, everyone loved him as the rich and English Jonny in Chalet Girl anyways.

Emeli Sande – Scottish

Via Instagram @emelisande

Although singer Emeli (with bangers such as “Clown” and “Read All About It”) was born in Sunderland, moving to Scotland when she was just four explains her thick Scottish accent. It’s always a shock when you’re only used to someone’s singing voice – so this came as a bit of a surprise.

Jamie Dornan – Irish

Via Instagram @jamiedornan

Who would’ve guessed that the sultry Christian Grey who has an American accent in 50 Shades (he looks a bit different here) is in fact Irish? We don’t necessarily mind that, though – it’s fit.

Featured image via Instagram @gocheckmysoul, @jodiemcomer

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