Onassis flat

A student’s billionaire dad just bought her a £18.6mil flat to live in whilst at uni

It has five bedrooms and a cinema room

There’s usually always one friend in your group who is a little bit richer than the rest. They’re probably the one who got the en-suite as their dad is paying the rent and they shop exclusively at Waitrose. But they still have to experience mould and turning the heating down to save on electricity like the rest of us. However one student who won’t be doing that this year is the billionaire’s daughter who has had a £18.6million flat bought for her to live in whilst she studies at uni.

Luxury property brokerage Wetherell confirmed the flat had been sold and the deal was done in 24 hours. They said: “The landmark sale of the ambassadorial 5,000 sqft Onassis residence at 47 Grosvenor Square, in a £18.6 million deal done in under 24 hours, shows the continuing appeal by global wealth for trophy London properties.”

An unnamed Saudi billionaire just purchased the £18.6 million flat in Mayfair for his daughter who will be studying in London this year. Forget fighting over the biggest bedroom, this first-floor apartment will have five bedrooms for his daughter to pick from. And the flat also includes a 60 foot balcony and terrace, a kitchen, three reception rooms and a library. She literally won’t even need to leave her flat to study.

And let’s face it, 99.9 per cent of uni house bathrooms are disgusting but this student will get a marble bathroom with two sinks, a giant tub and a beaut shower.

Not only is the flat insanely luxurious but it’s also steeped in history. The flat used to belong to Artemis Onassis, who was the sister of billionaire Aristotle Onassis, who married Jackie Kennedy after JFK died. Jackie Kennedy and her sister Lee would often visit. And before that it was owned by Churchill’s wartime home secretary.

See all the photos of the £18.6 million flat one lucky student is living in whilst studying:

Imagine turning up here for a house party

Speaking of parties, how cool would this room be for a party

Your one night stands would just never leave if they saw this bedroom

Then there’s a room for your mates

Netflix and chill anyone?

Might actually do my dissertation if I can study here

Another marble bathroom?

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