QUIZ: Find out which Tracy Beaker character you are and then bog off

Do you consider yourself to be well ‘ard?

Tracy Beaker was the highlight of everyone’s childhood. For years we all found ourselves saying “bog off” to our parents and wishing we could actually leave home to go and live in the Dumping Ground. Through the power of iconic one liners, fit social workers (I’m talking about Nathan AND Mike) and Duke’s constant baking, our entire generation wanted nothing more than to be children in care living the residents of the Dumping Ground.

With the recent news of the reboot, we now have the chance to relive the best time of our lives. It’s going to be so good and I can guarantee we are all going to want to be a part of it again. The question is though, if you were actually in the Dumping Ground, which character would you be? We can’t all be Tracy and there are definitely already an abundance of Louise’s out there. Are you sat there thinking that you’re a bit of a pain? Do you suffer from hay fever? Are you well ‘ard? Take this quiz to find out!

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