Mariam Musa is the first UK black influencer to have a fast fashion brand collection

Her I Saw It First collection came out yesterday

Influencer Mariam Musa released her debut collection with I Saw It First yesterday and aside from creating some beaut pieces, she’s also the first UK black influencer to have a collection with a fast fashion brand.

Mariam said how excited she is to have this collection come out and hopes it inspires other black women to chase their dreams.

She said: “Having this collection with ISAWITFIRST has been such an overwhelming but exciting experience for me. It has been the perfect example that hard work honestly does pay off.

“This collection is a clear reflection of my character, a fun, silly, fashion loving girl! I’m very excited to share this with all my supporters and to everyone I know. I hope everyone feels as happy and confident in these pieces as I do. I also hope that this might be the small boost black girls in the UK need to keep pushing and know that nothing is too big or too crazy to achieve.”

The collection features 52 pieces and prices range from £8 to £50. The advert for the campaign only featured black models and the hair and makeup artists working on set were also black.

In an interview with The Nikki Diaries Mariam said she wanted to bring in her black influencer friends to be part of the campaign.

She said: “I wanted to bring my black influencer friends on the shoot with me to show inclusivity and diversity.

“It was important to show them on the site and portray that it is not just one size fits all. There’s different types of skin and sizes in the photos.”

Mariam, who has a casual 616k followers on Instagram, has been working with I Saw It First for two years. She first started out in a Love Island advert and has featured in plenty of styling videos for the brand.

Speaking to The Nikki Diaries, Mariam addressed how this is was one of her 2020 goals. In a video she said: “It just seems so easy for white influencers, why can’t I do it?

“For me when I saw white influencers have collections, it was always the same kind of people. The white ones with millions of followers and what we see already. For me, there wasn’t anyone to look up to and say ‘oh, this black influencer has done it, I can do it.’”

Well she’s certainly done it and you can shop Mariam’s collection at

Featured image credit via Instagram @itsmariummusa

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