Here’s where you recognise the cast of The Fall on Netflix from

THREE of them are in Derry Girls

The Fall has a star-studded cast. Like, genuinely, every single time someone new crops up on screen in this TV show my brain comes back to life for a second and begins feverishly searching for the things they were in before. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures when you can reach that conclusion on your own, but God knows it ain’t always possible.

That’s why I’m here! Fret no more because I’ve tracked down each of these Northern Irish beauties (and Gillian) and I can explain where you’ve seen each and every one before. Ah, how calming. Shall we begin? (P.S. Don’t worry, no spoilers.)

Stella Gibson – Gillian Anderson

Come on! Do you really need me to tell you what else Gillian has been in? Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. She’s Scully in The X Files, Jean Milburn (Otis’ mum) in Sex Education and she was in Hannibal, The Crown, Johnny English, and she played Miss Havisham in an adaptation of Great Expectations! The woman has been everywhere.

Paul Spector – Jamie Dornan

Once again, must I? He’s literally Christian Grey. Makes for a conflicting two main roles, Paul Spector and Christian Grey – clearly he just has some intense, murder-y vibes. But aside from that, he’s been in Once Upon A Time, Marie Antionette and a lot of war films and period dramas. He just has that look, you know? The war film and period drama look. That and murderer. Oop.

Katie Benedetto – Aisling Franciosi

Aisling was in BBC Three’s Clique, the uni drama set at Edinburgh with lots of murder, drugs and Topshop sequin dresses! She’s also been in The Nightingale, Quirke, Jimmy’s Hall and she played Lyanna Stark in Game of Thrones.

Tom Anderson – Colin Morgan

It’s MERLIN!!! Of course, it is! You probably didn’t even need me to tell you this. Who can see this man as anything but Merlin? Also sorry to spoil the Merlin only fantasy but he’s also been in Humans, The Crown, Legend The Happy Prince, The Living and The Dead and The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Jim Burns – John Lynch

I will never unsee this man as cheating scumbag Jerry from Sliding Doors. Gwyneth deserved better. Otherwise, he’s been in The Secret Garden, Lassie, One Of Us, Private Peaceful, Cal, In The Name Of The Father and honestly – so many things. The dude is an act-or (said like that).

Sally Ann Spector – Bronagh Waugh

This Northern Irish actress has been at the centre of my heart ever since she joined Hollyoaks back when I was like… 13? I don’t know. What I’m saying is, she’s great, and you might recognise her from Hollyoaks. Also – DERRY GIRLS. Of course! She plays James’ mum (who’s not very nice). Other than that she’s been in Steel Country, A Christmas Star and Unforgotten.

Rose Stagg – Valene Kane

Valene Kane has a very recognisable face. Probably because she’s been in Thirteen, Gangs of London AND Rogue One (A Star Wars Story). Big stuff.

Reed Smith – Archie Panjabi

This is a blessed image. It bestows good luck on all who see it

Archie Panjabi is an absolute GOAT of British and American TV/Film. She played Kalinda in The Good Wife and Jess’ sister in Bend It Like Beckham (who could forget!). She’s also been in East is East, San Andreas and Blindspot.

Aisling Bea – Kiera Sheridan

What’s an Irish TV show without Aisling Bea? Nothin’. That’s what. Okay except maybe Derry Girls. Anyway, as well as being part of The Fall cast, Aisling has been in Love Wedding Repeat, This Way Up, Living With Yourself and if you don’t recognise her from any of those – it’s likely you’ve seen her on 8 Out Of 10 Cats or other comedy panel shows, because she’s a comedian!

Glen Martin – Emmett J Scanlan

Hollyoaks stans I bet this pic takes ya back

This man has also been immortalised in my memory as a Hollyoaks alumnus. He played nasty nasty Brendan Brady. And for all the true Hollyoaks fans out there, you’ll know that he was actually Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector)’s brother in Hollyoaks too! He was also in Peaky Blinders, Safe, In The Flesh and had a brief appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy.

James Olsen – Ben Peel

The absolute ride James Olsen is played by Ben Peel, who’s also been in Class, United and Anti-Social, and is currently starring in the new Alex Rider series.

DI Rob Breedlove – Michael McElhatton

It’s only bloody Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones! Michael McElhatton has also been in The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Foreigner, Paths to Freedom and The Hallow. The Fall casting director clearly loved GoT, honestly.

Morgan Monroe – Ian McElhinney

The grandad from Derry Girls! More Derry Girls! And that’s not even the best of it. Just you wait. Ian McElhinney has also starred in Rogue One, Maisie Raine, Krypton and he’s Ser Barristan Selmy in GoT. There’s a lot of actor crossover in The Fall cast, it seems.

That detective you see for like, five seconds in the break room – Siobhán McSweeney


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