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These 31 Midnight Sun reactions will make you feel 12-years-old again

‘Would Edward count as a midnight snack?’

If you’ve got a friend who is still majorly into Twilight then don’t expect to hear from them in the next few days, as today, the new book Midnight Sun has arrived, and it has created some quality memes.

The latest addition in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s point of view. Cue lots of intense, messed up toxic thoughts from Robert Pattinson’s favourite character.

And the reactions on Twitter are priceless. Obviously there’s the mega fans who have already devoured all 600 plus pages of the book, there’s those who were big fans in their teen years and are debating whether to read it, and of course there are those who are ripping it to shreds. The combination of these three personalities has resulted in some top notch Twitter content.

And so here are the 31 best Midnight Sun memes:

1. My personal favourite

2. I’m sorry but I can’t help my obsession

3. I need it now

4.  600 pages of messed up Edward thoughts

5. Can’t believe I’m going back for more

6. What an era this was

7. The delivery guy better hurry the fuck up

8. It’s an intense battle

9. Lol, finally reading again


11. This song still slaps

12. He be running for the hills

13. Charlie is the only sane person in this whole movie

14. Sign me up

15. I could write an entire disseration on how messed up Edward is

16. It’s too much

17. If the whole book is like this I’m not going to read it

18. Hahhahaah

19. An accurate representation of me today x

20. Please let this be the last one we don’t need anymore

21. What a fandom crossover

22. And yet here I am

23. It’s a tough call

24. Mike deserved better, there I said it

25. Damn, did he just wanna kill everyone?

26. The book is just gonna be so different this time

27. An even better fandom crossover

28. I love me some low rise flares

29. Is the Twilight Saga page ok??

30. Oh hell no

31. Can’t believe she did this for me, thanks Stephenie xx

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