Tracy Beaker fans are reacting hilariously to the announcement of a new series

They’re all spot on

In case you hadn’t heard already, Tracy Beaker is back. No, we’re not talking about the various rehashed versions with a spattering of new and uninteresting abandoned children to feel sorry for. We’re talking about a fully new series with Dani Harmer as the lead, playing the single mother of a 12-year-old child. Will she end up becoming a movie star and abandoning her own child like her mum did? Will Mike and Duke make any guest appearances? Will ELAINE turn up?

These questions and more are being asked over on Tracy Beaker Twitter (yes I said it), who have come out in full force with their overwhelming excitement at the prospect of returning to the dumping ground for the new series “My Mum Tracy Beaker”, so here are some of the best reactions to the return of our favourite childhood brat.

1. Looking increasingly likely…

2. Nature is healing, Tracy has returned to the Dumping Ground

3. Hopefully there’s a lot more of this

4. Understandable

5. 12-year-old me be like:

6. Obviously the Beaker fakes got involved

7. Aren’t we all though?

8. The Marvel universe is shaking rn

9. No Duke = no watch

10. Are we taking 2020 out of the bin??

11. Oh she’d BETTER

12. Tracy Beaker returning > Chanel the parrot

13. Pretty much sums it up


15. Okay but like where do I buy this

16. This one is for real fans

17. Every single one of us

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