Ireland took down a Tampax advert and people are fuming

The advert was telling people how use one correctly

People with vaginas, how many times have you wondered if you’ve inserted a tampon correctly? Have you ever sat down, felt that uncomfy feeling and then had that life-changing moment when you realised you simply weren’t using it correctly?

I can guarantee you that you’re not alone with any kind of technical-tampon issue because those things are quite tricky to get the hang of when you’re growing up and they still freak a few people out, which is exactly why educating people on how to use one correctly is crucial. Those things HURT when you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

An Irish Tampax advert, which showed a presenter asking the audience if they could ever feel their tampon, has been removed after getting 84 complaints. The presenter in the advert said: “You shouldn’t, it might mean your tampon isn’t in far enough. You’ve gotta get ’em up there, girls,” which is… correct.


Twitter quickly turned against the advert being removed and users are motivating people to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI).

Some people said the advert was the start of normalising period talk.

Irish Times feminist Kitty Holland was understandably angry too and shared an email address for viewers to complain to too.

Some people raised their issues with the lack of openness nowadays in Ireland.

Others are talking about why adverts like these are important- to educate people.

Both Tampax and the ASAI are yet to make a comment.

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