Amber and Greg are beefing on Twitter and it’s the pettiest thing you’ll see today

Shade is being thrown

Even though Love Island is cancelled for this year we can still count on the old cast members to bring the drama. Earlier this month it was Lucie, Luke M and Demi in a caption war. And now it’s the turn of Amber and Greg, who had a little bit of beef on Twitter.

You may recall that this time last year Amber and Greg were crowned Love Island winners. Amber certainly did and shared the anniversary of her being the nation’s favourite on her Twitter two days ago.

She wrote: “Can you believe its been one whole year since I won Love Island.”

Obviously she left out that she won with Greg, who then yesterday decided to share that he had been left out of her tweet and replied back to her. He said simply: “Congrats.”

Yes really. And then today Amber wrote a very shady tweet about people who are unhappy about themselves and seeing every thing as shade.

She said: “When people are unhappy within themselves they interpret everything as bitter and shade throwing, let them misinterpret they cannot comprehend someone being unproblematic and unbothered. We don’t need any more negativity in 2020 let them be on their bullshit.”

Wow. The shade is being thrown around left, right and centre. Naturally a lot of the replies to Amber’s tweets were from girls sharing their support for her and calling her a “queen”.

Greg and Amber broke up five weeks after they won Love Island after Greg allegedly ended things by text. Greg lost 50k followers in the days after the breakup with Amber. I wonder if his follower count is back up now?

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