Tell us how you played Habbo Hotel and we’ll guess whether you were true Habbo royalty

Habbo Club til I die x

Habbo Hotel was a moment in time. You would spend full evenings on it. Collecting furni for your room, entering random strangers abodes and dancing while standing still or chatting absolute bobba with some weirdos at the lido. There was really no point to it, but it was a good way to pass 3-4 hours online in the evening. It also gave you the weird virtual vicarious feeling of being an adult; you could have fake sex on Habbo (lie on beds and say words that would inevitably be replaced with “bobba”), you could decorate your room, you could go to bars. Then one day we all just stopped playing it. We grew out of it.

It actually got muted for a few years, in 2012, after a big paedophile scandal and so for a while not a speech bubble was seen or a bobba was heard. The site eventually came back, and it’s still live in 2020, even if no one plays on it. But we have lives now, and friends, and we don’t have to be home by 8pm, so the likelihood of us returning to Habbo is… small. Let’s relive a little bit of the fun in nostalgia form, and see how much of an actual big shot you were on Habbo Hotel back in the day (probably inversely related to how cool you actually are now, but don’t let that stop you gunning for ultimate Habbo royalty status).

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